Jesse Gomez PH.D.

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Principal Investigator
jessegomez [at] princeton [dot] edu
PNI Room 234
Jesse Gomez is a neuroscientist in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute where he is the principal investigator of the Brain Development Lab. He received his BA in Neuroscience from Dartmouth College with Dr. Brad Duchaine, his PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University with Dr. Kalanit Grill-Spector, and completed postdoctoral training at UC Berkeley with Dr. Kevin Weiner. At Princeton, he teaches courses on Developmental and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Anna Lyn Williams

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Lab Manager
Anna is a research specialist at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute where she is the lab manager of the Brain Development Lab. Currently, her research focuses on characterizing patterns of cortical pleating in the human dorsal visual stream, as well as examining the corresponding neural and behavioral development of visuospatial attention.

Frederick d'Oleire Uquillas

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Graduate Student
Frederick is a Presidential Fellow and PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Department at Princeton University. His research focuses on large scale brain networks and cerebellar contributions to cortical structure and function across the lifespan, and is supported by the National Science Foundation and National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Edan Daniel

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Graduate Student
Edan is a PhD student at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. She previously worked on EEG analyses in the Dinstein Lab at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, and now researches how visual experience during either childhood or adulthood shapes the organization and computations that occur within visual cortex.

Omar Singleton

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Graduate Student
Omar Singleton is a PhD student at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. He previously worked on neuroimaging projects at MGH, and now studies how the human thalamus develops across the lifespan and the roles it plays in mediating developmental changes in the cortex in neurotypical individuals and those diagnosed with psychiatric disorders.

Patricia Hoyos

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Graduate Student
Patricia Hoyos is a PhD candidate at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, and member of the Gomez and Kastner labs. She is currently studying the development of the human dorsal stream to understand how changes in our attentional abilities and biases are shaped by structural and computational changes occurring within visual cortex. Patricia is also an HHMI Gilliam Fellow and Presidential Fellow.

Damola Ogunlade

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Graduate Student
Damola completed her undergraduate degree in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a first-year student in PNI rotating in the lab where she'll be studying auditory cortex development through novel MRI methods.

Priscilla Louis

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Graduate Student
Priscilla is studying under Jesse Gomez and Tim Buschman at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Supported by the Presidential Fellowship, she seeks to understand the structural and functional development of working memory, episodic memory, and their overlapping networks in humans.

Ruggaya Musa

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Undergraduate Student

Carlos Cortez

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Undergraduate Student

Bing Li

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Undergraduate Student

Rowen Gesue

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Undergraduate Student

Mariam Latif

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Undergraduate Student

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